Ansible, part I – basics and inventory

Making changes manually is tedious, and problematic in terms of documenting. Ansible addresses both of these problems. It’s great for what…

10:05 AM, Jun 08

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Automation in practice

When we hear about automation, we often see the image of robots and machines replacing people and taking their jobs. Let’s…

11:32 AM, May 25

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Self-Service Backup Automation using CloudForms with vProtect and NetBackup

Growing market expectations to deliver services on demand with minimized waiting time has strong influence on IT services. It can…

06:06 AM, Sep 10

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How to use Roles. Ansible for oVirt/RHV – Part II

Last time we spent some time to understand how Ansible works with RHV/oVirt infrastructure. We discussed all necessary…

09:44 AM, Aug 06

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Five applications of Red Hat Satellite

Complexity and the amount of applications and services in today’s IT environments are still growing. Manual management increases not only the…

11:17 AM, Jun 10

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Let’s get started with Ansible for RHV/oVirt!

Have you ever think how to automate your everyday tasks on your RHV/oVirt infrastructure? In this post we will guide…

11:29 AM, Apr 18

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Getting started with Ansible – first playbook

Ansible has stolen the hearts of many Ops people Quite recently, during an AWS workshop, one of the…

09:25 PM, Jan 22

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