DevSecOps in OpenShift

DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. It’s an approach to culture, automation, and platform design that integrates security as a shared responsibility…

12:15 PM, May 02

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What’s new in Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2?

The initial architecture of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform had a closely related Control Plane and Execution Plane, which were…

01:47 PM, Apr 13

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Ansible, part VI – Network Automation and some optimizations

Ansible is great for managing network devices. This applies to both simple and more advanced changes that can be made directly…

03:03 PM, Mar 01

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Secure workloads in OpenShift

In this blog post I will discuss the OpenShift security use cases that Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes addresses…

04:27 PM, Dec 23

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E-Book: The World of Automation with Red Hat Ansible

Are you an open-source enthusiast who’s aiming to leverage his knowledge of automation? We’ve got something for you! An…

05:00 PM, Nov 15

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Ansible, part V – Loops, Conditional Statements and Handlers

In an earlier article, we talked about collecting facts from managed nodes and about how they can be used in our…

04:03 PM, Jul 13

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OpenVirtualization.Pro Meetup Online #3 | Containerized World

On June 17 at 3 pm CEST, industry experts associated with the Open Virtualization Pro portal will deep dive into…

11:51 AM, May 27

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Red Hat Ansible Automation – architecture and features

Red Hat Ansible Automation is an open source automation platform. It is suitable for both low-level automation, which connects directly…

01:29 PM, Mar 10

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