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We believe that through the free sharing of expert knowledge, we are able to develop innovative solutions for the market. We educate and want to be educated. We share knowledge and want to learn more through interaction with the community.

We are a community of professionals focused on open source virtualization, data backup, and storage solutions. Expert knowledge and information about Virtualization (KVM, Ovirt, OpenStack), Automation (Ansible), Orchestration (Cloud Forms), Containerization (Kubernetes, OpenShift), Storage (Ceph, Gluster FS, QCOW2, LVM, NFS, RAW, local and network filesystems), Networking (OVN, Open DayLight (ODL)), SAP HANA, Data Protection (vProtect), Disaster Recovery (DRoVirt, native scripts, etc)

Marcin Kubacki

Chief Software Architect

Chief Software Architect, Member of the Board at Storware, Ph.D. Marcin, sometimes called Mr. V., as a an inventor of Storware vProtect code, joined the company in 2015. In 2016 Marcin earned a Ph.D. at Warsaw University of Technology.

Paweł Mączka

CTO, VP at Storware, CEO at SocialCube

Enterpreneur, Co-Founder of Storware Company, Founder of SocialCube and Open Virtualization Pro Portal. Addicted to Storage and Data Protection Solutions serve in every combination – cloud, hybrid, on premise.

Zbigniew Parys

Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat

Solutions Architect with experience in all layers of Data Center Infrastructure. In the last 2 decades successfully designed and implemented Open Source projects for both: on-premise and cloud-native approach.

Wojciech Furmankiewicz

Regional Manager, Solution Architectur CEE at Red Hat

Many years of experience in the IT industry, mainly in the field of cloud technologies, virtualization and mass storage systems. Responsible for supporting the sales process in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Open source technology enthusiast.

Jarosław Stakun

Principal Solutions Architect

Jaroslaw works as an Principal Solutions Architect at Red Hat and is responsible for delivery and solution selling based on Red Hat Openshift Container Platform and Red Hat Application Services in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Jacek Skorzynski

Principal Solution Architect, CEE at Red Hat

Jacek is working as a Principal Solution Architect. Responsible for supporting sales process on infrastructure technologies such as cloud, virtualization and storage. Involved mainly in support and development of mission critical systems.

Marcin Ślęczek

CEO, Network Engineer and System Administrator at

Marcin works as CEO, Network Engineer and System Administrator at, which designs and implements IT Systems, Data Centers and DevOps environments. also sells software and hardware for building such environments and is a partner of well-known manufacturers such as Red Hat, Cisco Systems, IBM, Storware and VMware.

Brian Sietsma

Solution Architect at Catalogic Software

Professional Services / Pre-sales field engineer for Catalogic Software, covering multiple operating systems, databases, virtualization and storage technologies. Covering the US north-central territory.

Daniel Wasyliszyn

Architect of Automation and Cloud at Advatech, Owner at GRID

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the Architect of Automation and Cloud. Skilled Architect of Automation and Cloud. Strong business development professional of Architect of Automation and Cloud cooperation B2B, B2C.

Simon Coter

Director of Product Management, Oracle Linux and Virtualization at Oracle

Experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, VirtualBox, Performance Tuning, Oracle Database, Enterprise Architecture, and Oracle Application Server.

Arkadiusz Galarowicz

Technical Support Engineer

Technical Support Engineer at Veracomp, responsible for the Red Hat brand. He has 10 years of experience in the IT industry, from the beginning he has been associated with Linux-based products.

Martin Phan

Solutions Architect at Catalogic Software

Martin takes pride in leveraging his 20+ years of experience in the software-industry supporting, developing, implementing and selling enterprise software and data protection solutions to help customer solve their backup and recovery challenges.

Piotr Baranowski


Piotr used to say that he does what he loves and he loves what he does. He’s Instructor/Consultant/Owner at OSEC and Instructor/Contractor/Consultant at Red Hat.

Mickey Bharat

Sales GTM & Strategy Advisor, Business Architect & Enabler

Mickey is an opensource Linux software and hybrid platforms industry expert: Since joining Oracle in 2012 evolved quickly to become an authority and advisor to C level executives on using open source-based solutions for business impact. Mickey’s topics of discussion bring the dimension of the social industry problems which opensource technology solves.

What is the OVP Portal

Professional community

Open Virtualization Pro exists to provide high quality technical materials for IT experts, in particular for:

  • Administrators, DevOps, Solution Architects,
  • IT Management, CTO,
  • Producers related to open source world.

Open Virtualization Pro Portal is a professional community focused on sharing knowledge about open-source technologies such as virtualization, containerization and automation.

Together with industry experts the OVP portal is organizing meetups and webinars (you can watch our post-webinar recordings here). Experts from open-source related companies are also writing articles on various topics, touching the latest news and technologies from the open world.