• OpenShift Virtualization

    • 1:43 PM, Dec 15

    OpenShift Virtualization (based on upstream KubeVirt CNCF project) has been introduced recently as a feature of OpenShift which implements the deployment and management of virtual machines utilizing Kubernetes constructs, such as PVCs and pods. Seamlessly integrating the world of virtualization and containers is no small engineering feat, however the implementation uses the same familiar and

  • Meetup Online #2 | The role of open virtualization...

    • 11:53 AM, Sep 16

    Did you know that over 72% of users use more than one virtualization platform? And as many as 60% of enterprises use open-source solutions? That is why open virtualization is the main theme of our new meetup, which we organize together with Storware and Red Hat! CLICK TO REGISTER! On October 13, industry experts associated

  • Meetup Online #1 | Otwarta wirtualizacja w zmienia...

    • 12:36 PM, Jul 20

    Czy wiesz, że ponad 72% użytkowników używa więcej, niż jednej platformy wirtualizacyjnej? A aż 60% przedsiębiorstw korzysta z rozwiązań typu open-source? Dlatego właśnie otwartej wirtualizacji poświęciliśmy pierwszy meetup organizowany wspólnie z firmami Storware i Red Hat! REJESTRACJA! Już 4 sierpnia branżowi eksperci związani z portalem Open Virtualization przedstawią trzy kluczowe tematy związane z przyszłością rynku

  • Server Virtualization Trends Q1 2020 Report

    • 10:44 AM, Apr 21

    What’s the most commonly used virtualization software in companies? What was the main reason for choosing the software? These and other questions we’ve asked members of groups and communities focused on virtualization-related topics, our clients and business partners around the world to answer our questions. The report shows current trends in the virtualization market and

  • RHEL 8 for data centers and cloud environments. Wh...

    • 2:09 PM, Dec 4

    In the next part of this article, we will go mostly through the better handling of software packages and more functional and safer support for containers and images. These elements are increasingly important in data centers and cloud environments. Before we get to it, let’s start with the most interesting feature for bare metal servers

  • Web-based management interface, sessions recording...

    • 10:15 AM, Oct 24

    In the third part of this article, we will go through further improvements of the RHEL8 system, like: more efficient and secure graphic environment (GNOME and Wayland), recording of administrative sessions (terminal session recording), web-based management interface (Cockpit and its integration with Red Hat Satellite), simplified support for advanced disk system functions, better use of

  • Safer DNS, e-mail and other improvements of RHEL 8

    • 10:09 AM, Oct 1

    In the first part of this article, we wrote about high-performance packet processing at the network adapter level using XDP and eBPF, and about the possibility of achieving greater throughput with lower latency, thanks to the BBR algorithm for TCP. These two new possibilities of the RHEL8 system bring benefits to everyone, regardless of the

  • Why to choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8?

    • 1:04 PM, Sep 24

    No one likes renovations. Changes in IT systems and data centers will continue to be more and more noticeable and expensive. The reason for this is the increasing complexity of these environments, as well as the growing amount of data, services and applications. This year, on May 7 2019, the 8th version of Red Hat

  • Agent-less backup strategies for oVirt/RHV

    • 8:59 AM, Feb 18

    For oVirt and RHV, like for almost any other virtualization platform, it is possible to provide agent-less backup solution. Actually, there is even more than one way to do this. In this short article I’ll explain 3 different ways to backup VMs in these environments using snapshot mechanism. Let me tell you a short story…


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