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  • Kaspersky releases financial threats vision for 20...

    • 2:22 PM, Nov 30

    “The tendency of cyber threats in the financial services sector to target the financial wellbeing of individuals and organisations make attacks on this industry among the most dangerous in existence, and 2020 saw an evolution in how threat actors operate.” – read more at InformationAge!

  • SMEs have fared much better than large corporation...

    • 2:21 PM, Nov 30

    “Small and medium-sized businesses navigated the pandemic with greater ease than their larger corporate peers, a new study by Harvey Nash / KPMG suggests. Based on a poll of more than 4,200 leaders across the globe, the 2020 CIO survey states that SMEs were better prepared for remote working, have been less distracted by cyberattacks

  • Top digital security worries when it comes to remo...

    • 4:01 PM, Nov 27

    “26% of remote workers have experienced a cyber attack personally, while 45% of employers have asked their employees to use their personal devices for work since the start of the pandemic, according to a Microsoft research.” – read more at Help Net Security!