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  • Password stealing and banking trojans have doubled...

    • 4:12 PM, Nov 25

    “Trojans that steal passwords and banking information from their victims have been constantly on the rise for the past two years. According to fresh figures from AT&T’s Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange, the number of threats increased between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020 by 130 percent. A year before that – Q3 2018 to Q3

  • Two-thirds of business leaders used automation for...

    • 4:11 PM, Nov 25

    “According to the research from Deloitte, 73% of organisations worldwide are now using automation technologies, up from 48% in 2019, as Covid-19 forced a rethink about how business operations are carried out.” – read more at Information Age!

  • Complex cyber attacks target online retailers

    • 11:41 AM, Nov 24

    “Cybercriminals capitalized on the chaos and shift to a remote world by launching bad bot attacks and DDoS attacks with the goal of disrupting online activities. As retailers now prepare for a surge in online holiday shopping amid the on-going global pandemic, Imperva experts urge vigilance and preparedness on the part of online businesses.” –