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Open Virtualization Pro Portal is a professional community focused on sharing knowledge about open-source technologies such as virtualization, containerization and automation.

Experts from open-source related companies are also writing articles on various topics, touching the latest news and technologies from the open world.

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02 Feb Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring Business Continuity in the Face of Disruptions 

  Any discussion about Recovery should start with the question of what disaster is. Another critical issue is what threats to your IT environment are....

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02 Feb Ten reasons why Virtual Machines still matters

Virtual Machines are tools that are widely used in many IT systems. Despite many other solutions, virtual machines are still the foundation of most environments....

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03 Jan Data Archiving vs. Backup: Understanding the Differences

Today's dynamic, advanced business environments require effective management of stored data. Two essential processes that play an important role in securing data are archiving and...

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