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  • Cyber attackers rarely get caught – businesses m...

    • 2:38 PM, Apr 29

    “Cyber risks are ever increasing in the Covid-19 era. Whilst businesses quickly scrambled to support an overnight shift to work-from-home, the cyber attack surface rapidly expanded as employees were granted remote access to data and applications. This, along with a spate of high-profile breaches, has resulted in cyber security shooting up the boardroom priority list

  • Hybrid working will not be an automatic success

    • 2:37 PM, Apr 29

    “Hybrid working has the potential to transform the lives of office workers. Whether this transformation will be for the better, or worse, depends on business owners and how they tackle the various challenges ahead.” – read at ITProPortal!

  • How to create your first Quarkus application

    • 2:56 PM, Apr 28

    “Programming languages and frameworks continuously evolve to help developers who want to develop and deploy applications with even faster speeds, better performance, and lower footprint. Engineers push themselves to develop the “next big thing” to satisfy developers’ demands for faster deployments.” – read more at OpenSource.com!