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  • Nearly all cloud environments are vulnerable to se...

    • 2:36 PM, Aug 5

    “Businesses around the world could be putting themselves at risk by utilising potentially insecure cloud environments. Research from Accurics found that 93% of cloud environments are vulnerable to breaches, meaning companies of all sizes could be at risk of attack. It claims that over 30 billion records were exposed during the last two years as

  • Data protection strategies for your home office

    • 2:34 PM, Aug 5

    “Don’t risk losing your personal or business data–employ a multi-level data protection and IT redundancy strategy. “ – read at TechRepublic!

  • What are script-based attacks and what can be done...

    • 12:21 PM, Jul 31

    “Attackers always seek out new ways to evade detection. As most endpoint security products handle file-based attacks relatively well, scripts are an excellent way for attackers to avoid making changes to a disk, thus bypassing the threat detection capabilities of most products. In today’s threat landscape, scripts provide initial access, enable evasion, and facilitate lateral