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  • 41% of organizations have not taken any steps to e...

    • 1:36 PM, Jun 1

    “Currently, organizations are struggling to adjust to the new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a Bitglass survey reveals. 41% have not taken any steps to expand secure access for the remote workforce, and 50% are citing proper equipment as the biggest impediment to doing so. Consequently, 65% of organizations now enable personal devices to access

  • Zero trust security: A cheat sheet

    • 1:34 PM, Jun 1

    “There are times when paranoia is justified, and nowhere is that more the case than with cybersecurity. Devices are compromised, laptops are infected, and smartphones are hacked all the time–a trusted laptop could leave a business network and return compromised, with the user none the wiser that they were the source of a major security

  • 6 experts reveal how to ensure your data strategy ...

    • 1:51 PM, May 29

    “An effective data strategy will allow organisations to harness their most valuable asset and drive transformation across the business, for both the employee and consumer. However, too often, an organisation’s data strategy will fail. There are a number of reasons for this and within this feature, six data leaders will explain these challenges and how