• An effective cloud security posture begins with th...

    • 12:24 PM, Jul 10

    “Public cloud adoption continues to surge, with roughly 83% of all enterprise workloads expected to be in the cloud by the end of the year. The added flexibility and lower costs of cloud computing make it a no-brainer for most organizations.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • Remote working: the biggest recent information gov...

    • 12:22 PM, Jul 10

    “With workforces working from home, access to shared repositories and use of VPN infrastructure will skyrocket, often to breaking point. If and when reliability becomes an issue, more content – including customer, financial and proprietary information – will find its way onto local hard drives. Employees will make rogue copies of active content and records

  • Security is not keeping pace with BYOD

    • 2:24 PM, Jul 9

    “Remote workers are increasingly using their personal devices for work, opening up their businesses for a whole range of cybersecurity threats. This is according to a new report from Bitglass, which claims that organisations are allowing BYOD without properly protecting their data.” – read more at ITProPortal!