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  • Preventing cybersecurity’s perfect storm

    • 2:10 PM, Oct 21

    “Zerologon might have been cybersecurity’s perfect storm: that moment when multiple conditions collide to create a devastating disaster. Thanks to Secura and Microsoft’s rapid response, it wasn’t.” – read more at Help net Security!

  • Global IT spending set for major rise next year

    • 2:09 PM, Oct 21

    “After a significant slump during the pandemic, the global IT market is expected to record a healthy rebound in 2021, the latest figures suggest. According to analyst house Gartner, worldwide IT spending is expected to total $3.6 trillion this year, down 5.4% on 2019 due to pandemic-related spending freezes.” – read more at TechRadar!

  • Is poor cyber hygiene crippling your security prog...

    • 2:25 PM, Oct 20

    “While initial news reports predicted a sharp uptick in cyber threats after the pandemic took hold, data on confirmed security incidents and genuine threats to customers show the threat level is largely unchanged. Instead, major changes in organizational and IT infrastructure to support remote work created new vulnerabilities for threat actors to exploit. ” –