• Remote working security challenges urge MFA implem...

    • 1:34 PM, Jul 14

    “The past few years have seen an increase in employees using personal devices and systems to access work emails and company databases, and exchange valuable information with colleagues, clients, and vendors. These tools can help people complete their jobs but are fraught with security challenges.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • How to stay cyber secure during the lockdown and b...

    • 1:33 PM, Jul 14

    “Lockdown has encouraged all businesses to implement and pivot fast, moving at an incredibly quick pace to maintain a healthy workforce and create a working environment that encourages productivity. From adopting virtual meeting tools such as video conferencing to saving documents to the cloud, the focus has been on getting the day-to-day business up and

  • Threats to cloud systems are outpacing cloud secur...

    • 1:45 PM, Jul 13

    “According to a new report from Palo Alto Networks, businesses around the world are hosting more and more data in the cloud. In the UK, for example, 42 per cent of all workloads are currently in the cloud, and Palo Alto expects it to jump to almost two thirds (65 per cent) within the next