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  • Guide to business continuity planning during coron...

    • 1:49 PM, Apr 2

    “As the coronavirus continues to spread and the World Health Organization labels the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, companies need to evaluate their ability to conduct business as usual during this time. Properly assessing this requires revisiting business continuity and disaster recovery plans, as well as specific pandemic plans. This effort will help organizations determine if

  • Adapting your cloud-first strategy to the new norm...

    • 1:48 PM, Apr 2

    “Just three months ago, when it came to remote working, businesses were all at different stages of take-up – from totally virtual capabilities through to very limited or even no home working options.” – read more at TechRadar!

  • How DevOps has evolved since 2012

    • 11:41 AM, Apr 1

    “When Mike Loukides published the long essay What is DevOps? in book form for O’Reilly Media, he gave it a subtitle that would become well-known: Infrastructure as Code. That essay, just 20 pages long, proposed a few key things: Infrastructure moves into the code. The systems that run the software, which are in the cloud,