• Persistent Volumes: why use them, and how to prote...

    • 10:28 AM, Mar 19

    I’m sure I am not the only one, but I still have that recurring dream where I am halfway through an essay or thesis for school and without warning the screen goes black. My paper is gone, and I had not saved my changes. I then wake up in a cold sweat. Similarly, for those

  • Backup and Restore of Kubernetes containers

    • 11:58 AM, Nov 7

    In an earlier blog post, I discussed the transformation that is occurring in the virtualization industry. That article went on to describe the increased adoption of various open-source hypervisor platforms and how the virtualization market continues to grow at a remarkable rate. Along with that growth and increased adoption comes evolution and new ideas. One

  • Disaster Recovery / Replication for oVirt/RHV

    • 11:03 PM, Feb 4

    If you ever heard about VMware Site Recovery Manager: Disaster Recovery Software? If your answer is yes and you miss to getting this set of features in oVirt, Red Hat Virtualization project, I’ve got some good news for you :-). In November 2018, we launched an open source project called DRoVirt. What’s more, we did with a team


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