Admin task automation with Ansible on oVirt/RHV

  • 22 Apr 2019 | 14:00

Thinking about RHV/oVirt admin tasks automation? Good! Learn how to do it in a easy and understandable way – watch our webinar.

In this webinar we showed you how to start your journey with RHV/oVirt and Ansible automation. This session consists of short introduction and demo where we presented all needed components and then demonstrated how to prepare and start you first RHV/oVirt automation in 15 min!

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  • Senior Solution Architect

    Jacek Skorzynski

    Senior Solution Architect, CEE at Red Hat

  • CTO, VP at Storware, CEO at SocialCube

    Paweł Mączka

    Paweł is a visionary (80%) and a geek (20%), but first of all, he is a founder of Storware, responsible for technological operations. He’s helping Storware building the simplified data protection products for businesses by converting vision and innovation into execution/reality.

    Paweł is also a founder of SocialCube – the team of experts that passionately pursue and drive social selling for businesses.

    Besides work and family, hiking the mountains or playing one of his guitars makes him happy.

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