Storware vProtect 3.7 Multiverse update 2 RELEASED!

The latest version of vProtect 3.7 Multiverse –  modernized data protection platform for Open Virtual Machine environments – is now available.…

12:15 PM, Mar 01

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oVirt 4.3 update 1 RELEASED

oVirt 4.3.1 is now available The changes and improvements introduced by the latest update mainly concern the stabilization of version…

09:22 AM, Mar 01

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RHEL “boom” – Red Hat announced the new functionality

Boom facilitates booting from LVM snapshots for RHEL servers running directly on physical hardware. Although it was possible but difficult earlier, Red…

12:01 PM, Feb 27

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oVirt node 4.2 installation on bare metal

Step by step tutorial on how to install oVirt node 4.2 on baremetal. If you’re planing to start your journey with…

08:57 AM, Feb 08

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Friday Dose – The Backupmonster Show. Episode 6: Data Alchemy

Steve Kenniston, the Storage Alchemist, IBM Global Spectrum Software Business Development Executive, teaches how to use transmutation of…

09:45 AM, Feb 05

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oVirt 4.3.0 Release Notes

January 10, 2019 – The oVirt Project  announced the availability of the 4.3.0 Second Release Candidate. oVirt is…

09:21 PM, Jan 22

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Upcoming webinar: oVirt and its capabilities

Dear oVirt Professionals! You are invited to a webinar dedicated to oVirt and its capabilities. On February 8th we are…

08:44 PM, Jan 20

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