Introduction to cloud-native application environment architecture

Christina Lin, expert from Red Hat helps us understand better the cloud-native environment architecture. “Cloud-native environment architecture can…

08:53 AM, Jul 03

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Storware + Oracle post-webinar video!

Post-webinar video on Modernized Data Protection for Oracle VM & Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager is already available! Many interesting threads…

08:37 AM, Jul 03

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How to backup Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager environments

Read the latest Storware‘s blog about making backup of Oracle VM and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager environments! “OVM or OLVM…

09:21 AM, Jul 02

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Gartner says the future of the database market is the cloud

“According to research from Gartner, 2018 worldwide database management system (DBMS) revenue grew 18.4% to $46bn. Cloud DBMS…

08:43 AM, Jul 02

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Buildah version 1.9 Release Announcement

The Buildah project has released Buildah version 1.9. A number of changes were made to expedite the building…

08:37 AM, Jul 01

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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing available!

Oracle has announced the availability of Autonomous Transaction Processing on dedicated cloud infrastructure. “Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is one…

08:18 AM, Jul 01

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How to protect application data running in AWS

Marcin Kubacki – CSA at Storware explains us how can we protect application data running in AWS using vProtect. READ…

08:57 AM, Jun 28

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Why containers and Kubernetes have the potential to run almost anything

Scott McCarty – Technical Product Manager at Red Hat shares us the reasons why he’s so excited about the future of…

08:38 AM, Jun 28

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