Executives have to make cybersecurity a priority in order to secure their business

“Businesses and organizations of all sizes have steadily begun to recognize the importance of cybersecurity to their success. As spending…

08:33 AM, Oct 03

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Multi-cloud security: 7 issues to watch

“Using multiple cloud providers is not riskier than using one: Each arrangement has its pros and cons. Prioritize these security…

08:36 AM, Oct 02

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Data breaches now cost companies an average of $1.41 million

“The average cost of enterprise data breaches has risen to $1.41 million in 2018, up from $1.23 million in 2017,…

08:19 AM, Oct 02

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Disaster recovery plans may overlook major outages

“Disaster recovery needs to provide protection from natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires and floods, as well as cyberattacks that concern many IT…

08:11 AM, Oct 01

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Is your cloud infrastructure secure?

“CyberArk’s Global Advanced Threat Landscape Report 2019: Focus on Cloud found that 94 percent of the 1,000 global organisations surveyed…

08:04 AM, Oct 01

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Why cloud block storage deployments are on the rise

“The hyper-growth in the use of cloud storage over the past decade has been driven by low-cost object-based repositories,…

08:05 AM, Sep 30

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Gap in cloud skills doubles in three years

“90% of organisations have reported a lack of skills in multiple cloud disciplines and that the deficit has doubled over…

07:58 AM, Sep 30

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Red Hat Forum 2019 Warsaw

November 5, 2019 in Warsaw – Red Hat Forum is coming back to Poland! Make sure you will participate…

09:26 AM, Sep 27

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