12 Jul Enhanced virtualization and VM backup support with Oracle Linux Virtualization and Storware

Join us for a webinar on advanced virtualization support and VM backup solutions, presented by John Priest, Director of Product Management at Oracle Linux Virtualization,...

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16 Jun Deploy your Kubernetes cluster with few simple steps

Learn from industry experts Simon Coter, Director of Product Management, Oracle Linux and Virtualization at Oracle and Marcin Kubacki, CSA at Storware. Join us for an exclusive...

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28 Mar Unleashing the Power of Cloud-Native with Oracle Cloud Native Environment

Join Simon Coter, Director of Product Management for Oracle Linux and Virtualization at Oracle, and Paweł Maczka, CTO and VP at Storware, for an informative webinar on the latest developments in Oracle Cloud Native Environment (OCNE).   During the webinar, we will cover the following topics:   Overview of OCNE: What it is and how it can benefit your organization   Best practices for deploying applications on OCNE   How Storware can help simplify your backup...

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