What’s new in Ceph?

Join us!

  •  April 22nd 2021
  • 17:00:00

What’s new in the Ceph project?

During this webinar our expert Piotr Baranowski – CTO, VP at OSEC will present what Ceph project is and together with Marcin Kubacki – Chief Software Architect at Storware will discuss its functionalities. How Ceph can help MSPs in the world of growing storage needs?

We will answer important questions such as:

  • How does Ceph work?
  • How does Ceph scale?
  • How to manage it?
  • Is Ceph the solution for me?

During the meeting, we will see what are the news in the Ceph project and discuss what problems do they solve. We will also look at the roadmap to see the future of the project.


Marcin Kubacki


Piotr Baranowski