Ransomware attack alert!

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  •  February 15th 2022
  • 15:00:00

Cybercrime, recognized as a socio-economic issue, quickly became a pandemic problem. Its consequences go far beyond the field of technology, but affect the quality of our lives. What do you want to do with it? Our experts are going to talk about the dimension of the social industry problems which opensource technology solves.

The main topic will take Virtual Box and how it can help ransomware attacks.Most computing today resides on a network connected by the world wide web using a multi cloud hybrid infrastructure. Our data centers have been put on public view for all to see, including the ransomware attackers. We have effectively created the equivalent of shop windows.

Ransomware attacks are on an exponential increase becoming a global pandemic. The network computer, as foretold by Sun Microsystems, has enabled this crime to be born and grow into the monster we see today. In this session we discuss how open-source software is possibly being dismissed as a tool to help fight against this cybercrime.

We look at the relevance of why some open-source options can be valuable to support the mainstream options out there. What are some of the dynamics which a ransomware attacker may be thinking about when targeting an attack? We will also go on to touch on how crypto currency is enabling this heinous crime.

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The experts are Mickey Bharat – Global Sales & Strategy Leader, Managed Cloud, Hosting, ISV & Hybrid Platforms at Oracle and Paweł Mączka – CTO, VP at Storware.


Paweł Mączka

CTO, VP at Storware, CEO at SocialCube

Mickey Bharat

Senior Director Worldwide embedded for Oracle Linux and Virtualization