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    ChatbotGPT and Ansible – Lights and Shadows

    For the first webinar in New Year we would like to talk with you about ChatbotGPT and Ansible. 

    In our webinar, we aim to shed some light on the use of ChatbotGPT in relation to Ansible and address some of the questions and confusion that have arisen in the IT industry and beyond about its capabilities and role in the modern world.

    • Can ChatGPT help you write Ansible?
    • All sides of using ChatGPT as a tool.
    • Dangerous of using ChatGPT for Ansible.
    • Hopes about using ChatBot for Ansible.
    • Correct using of ChatGPT.

    Sign here and get newest, most interesting informations about ChatbotGPT and Ansible.  

    Our experts are Jacek Skórzyński RHCA, Principal Solution Architect; and Paweł Mączka – Chief Technology Officer, VP at Storware.  

    We hope to see you there! 


    Paweł Mączka

    CTO, VP at Storware, CEO at SocialCube

    Jacek Skorzynski

    Principal Solution Architect, CEE at Red Hat