Ansible – Loops, Conditional Statements and Handlers

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  •  June 22nd 2022
  • 3:00 pm CEST
  •  About 45 minutes

Ansible – Loops, Conditional Statements and Handlers

Never waste time on something that can be automated! Let’s go deeper into the Ansible Automation platform! This time we will show you how to use:

– loops – to execute a task multiple times;

– conditional statements – to execute different tasks, depending on the value of a fact, a variable, or the result of a previous task.

– and handlers – tasks whose execution is triggered by state change notifications from other tasks.

Our free ebook on Ansible Automation Platform vol. 2 is an excellent introduction to this webinar. You can download it from here ->

Our expert: Marcin Kubacki – Chief Software Architect at Storware.


Marcin Kubacki