Storware vProtect 3.8 ‘Nebula’ RELEASED!

vProtect 3.8 (Nebula) is a massive update!

The latest release provides Amazon EC2 backup support with snapshot-management and file-level restore capabilities.

Codename: ‘Nebula’ (interstellar cloud) – the first release that introduces support for cloud platform – AWS EC2. Additionally, we added another cloud storage backup provider – Google Cloud Storage” – says Marcin Kubacki, CSA at Storware.

vProtect is available to test for free at

For Proxmox users vProtect introduces automatic backup import to the Proxmox hypervisor, disk-exclusion, Snapshot-management and pre/post snapshot remote command execution. Version 3.8 also improved restore options. Citrix XVA-based backups are now restored as a VM automatically, RHV backups can have allocation type specified and for OpenShift/Kubernetes „restore to the specific project” option is enhanced.

Full list of new features and groundbreaking changes can be found at