DevSecOps and Beyond: The Evolution of DevOps

“Since its introduction, DevOps has made concepts like continuous integration and continuous delivery commonplace and encouraged organisations to be more agile.

As DevOps has matured and become more mainstream, the approach has gradually begun to evolve and now, it looks likely to revolutionise enterprise IT. DevOps’ increasing popularity can be attributed to a number of factors, including the fact it adapts quickly, so the cost of change is low, allows businesses to add cross-functionality collaborations and enables them to work at a much higher speed. However, perhaps the most notable reason for its widespread adoption is that it allows organisations to capture all processes in an auditable and replicable way. A similar evolution is also underway in the cloud world with more intelligent tools being made available. This is allowing developers to follow up DevOps processes with more discipline and become more efficient, which has led to the emergence of DevSecOps.” – says Luca Ravazzolo from InterSystems at TechNative.