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    Together with our expert Marcin Ślęczek – CEO, Network Engineer and System Administrator at, we’ve prepared this e-book to give you a better understanding of what you should know when using Ansible Automation. Inside this e-book you can find all the necessary materials to go on higher level of knowledge about this open-source automation platform. Together with our free webinars, you get a full portion of knowledge and examples to make better use of Ansible in your work.

    The World of automation with Red Hat Ansible” e-book starts with introducing the Ansible Automation platform, it’s architecture and basic features. Then there are three sections on basic practices that will guide you towards a better understanding of the mechanisms behind this platform based on real-life examples. 

    Marcin Ślęczek is Red Hat Certified Architect, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist and also Cisco Certified Network Professional in the area of Data Center, Security and Enterprise Networks. In his company he designs and implements IT Systems, Data Centers and DevOps environments. also sells software and hardware for building such environments and is a partner of well-known manufacturers such as Red Hat, Cisco Systems, IBM and Storware.

    Marcin is an Open Virtualization Pro Expert for over 2 years, providing our community with best-in-class educational materials, mainly on operating systems and automation.

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