E-Book: The World of Automation with Red Hat Ansible

Are you an open-source enthusiast who’s aiming to leverage his knowledge of automation? We’ve got something for you! An e-book full of practical tips and tricks for Ansible Automation.

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Together with our expert Marcin Ślęczek – CEO, Network Engineer and System Administrator at networkers.pl, we’ve prepared this e-book to give you a better understanding of what you should know when using Ansible Automation. Inside this e-book you can find all the necessary materials to go on higher level of knowledge about this open-source automation platform. Together with our free webinars, you get a full portion of knowledge and examples to make better use of Ansible in your work.

The World of automation with Red Hat Ansible” e-book starts with introducing the Ansible Automation platform, it’s architecture and basic features. Then there are three sections on basic practices that will guide you towards a better understanding of the mechanisms behind this platform based on real-life examples. 

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