Disaster Recovery / Replication for oVirt/RHV

If you ever heard about VMware Site Recovery Manager: Disaster Recovery Software? If your answer is yes and you miss to getting this set of features in oVirt, Red Hat Virtualization project, I’ve got some good news for you :-).

In November 2018, we launched an open source project called DRoVirt. What’s more, we did with a team a first few commits! Now we working on an app skeleton! If you have not heard about the project yet and, below you can find a short overview. 

DRoVirt | Disaster Recovery – Replication for oVirt/RHV

DRoVirt project has been created to address the need of Disaster-Recovery process of oVirt/RHV environments. DRoVirt’s main objective is to provide a simple way to replicate VMs running in an oVirt environment.

Our plan is to deliver a Python-based solution that consists of 3 components:

    • – Data-mover – responsible for grabbing data periodically and transferring it
    • – Server/API – central management point to invoke tasks
    • – Database – small DB to store current tasks
    • – CLI – utility to easier manage the replication configuration tasks

The actual implementation of the replication is subject to discussion. Initially we want to start with oVirt/RHV 4.2 Disk Image Transfer API and later add additional strategies.

Proposed architecture

DRoVirt data mover is supposed to periodically snapshot and export data from RHV/oVirt API and transfer it to a second location where increments can be restored.

You can find a project on https://github.com/Storware/drovirt

If you need more insights or you would like to contribute in a project, please contact me via Linkedin or Twitter

11:03 PM, Feb 04


CTO, VP at Storware, CEO at SocialCube

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