• 5 more things to know about ransomware

    • 1:28 PM, Sep 29

    Tom Merritt from TechRepublic lists 5 things you should know about ransomware: Your chances of getting hit are still high. Attacks are coming faster too. It’s getting more expensive. They’re targeting schools. Plan now. Read about it at TechRepublic!

  • IT leaders think remote workers are at greater ris...

    • 1:26 PM, Sep 29

    “Most UK companies are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one side, there’s the need to send employees home to safeguard their health. On the other, there’s the increased risk of cyberattacks brought about by remote working. This is according to a new report from security firm Tessian, which uncovered that eight

  • Measuring impact beyond a single incident

    • 8:03 AM, Sep 28

    “In an environment where very limited transparency on the root cause and the true impact is afforded we are left with isolated examples to point to the direct cost of a security incident. For example, the 2010 attack on the Natanz nuclear facilities was and in certain cases is still used as the reference case

  • Many employees have access to sensitive data they ...

    • 8:02 AM, Sep 28

    “Businesses in the UK and US are failing to properly implement privileged access management, leaving them at risk of data breaches, ransomware and malware attacks. This is according to a new report from Forcepoint, based on a poll of more than 1,000 workers, which states that the situation is the same across private and public

  • What is a virtual machine, and why are they so use...

    • 3:08 PM, Sep 25

    “Many of today’s cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing and microservices owe their start to the concept of the virtual machine—separating operating systems and software instances from a physical computer.” – read more at Network World!

  • Layered security becomes critical as malware attac...

    • 3:06 PM, Sep 25

    “Despite an 8% decrease in overall malware detections in Q2 2020, 70% of all attacks involved zero day malware – variants that circumvent antivirus signatures, which represents a 12% increase over the previous quarter, WatchGuard found.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • How cyberattacks are targeting video gamers and co...

    • 1:33 PM, Sep 24

    “Many gamers enjoy defending themselves against enemies in a virtual world. But they also have to grapple with enemies in the real world in the form of cybercriminals. Just as with other sectors, the gaming industry has been a tempting target for hackers looking to make money by compromising accounts and launching attacks. A new

  • Cloud adoption saved half of businesses from colla...

    • 1:30 PM, Sep 24

    “Cloud-based IT infrastructure saved half of UK businesses from collapse during the early stages of the pandemic, a new report from Centrify claims. Based on a poll of 200 senior business decision makers, the report states that six in every ten businesses will also “substantially” increase investment in cloud-based IT infrastructure going forward.” – read

  • A fifth of UK workforce received a Covid-19-themed...

    • 2:42 PM, Sep 23

    “More than a fifth of UK employees received at least one Covid-19-themed phishing email over the past few of months, a new report from Webroot claims. The report argues that an increase in the number of emails received – up 34 percent worldwide year-on-year – could result in work fatigue and increase vulnerability to phishing

  • Cyberwarfare predicted to damage the economy in th...

    • 2:41 PM, Sep 23

    “71% of CISOs believe cyberwarfare is a threat to their organization, and yet 22% admit to not having a strategy in place to mitigate this risk. This is especially alarming during a period of unprecedented global disruption, as 50% of infosec professionals agree that the increase of cyberwarfare will be detrimental to the economy in


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