• Business disruption is now a bigger cyber-threat t...

    • 2:58 PM, Jan 17

    “A third of all reported incidents against businesses were caused by ransomware, destructive malware and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, according to cloud-delivered endpoint protection firm CrowdStrike. The company’s latest cybersecurity report, argues that cybercriminals are increasingly seeing business disruption as their main attack objective.” – says Sead Fadilpašić from ITProPortal. READ MORE!

  • How to back up Kubernetes and Docker

    • 2:56 PM, Jan 17

    “Yes, your container infrastructure needs some type of backup. Kubernetes and Docker will not magically build themselves after a disaster. As discussed in a separate article, you don’t need to back up the running state of each container, but you will need to back up the configuration used to run and manage your containers. Here’s

  • Ransomware threats: Cybercriminals take their ware...

    • 1:23 PM, Jan 16

    “Because ransomware threats have become so pervasive, organizations and individuals alike have been putting countermeasures in place to prevent ransomware infections and to ensure their ability to recover their data if a ransomware infection should occur. In other words, people are going to great lengths to avoid paying ransoms.” – read more at TechGenix!

  • How to build a cloud data warehouse for the first ...

    • 1:20 PM, Jan 16

    “A recent study by Denodo found that 56% of organisations deploy data warehouse technology in the cloud, with frequently identified benefits including efficient workload management and vendor lock-in capabilities.” – says Aaron Hurst from Information Age! READ MORE!

  • Data backup strategies in 2020 vs. 2025: What̵...

    • 12:35 PM, Jan 15

    “Current shifts in technology and business drive changes that will impact how we think about backups. So, what might data backup strategies look like in five years? We can study the changes occurring today to help set some expectations of what backup life will be in 2025. Let’s start with a few predictions by industry

  • Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.2 now available!

    • 12:31 PM, Jan 15

    Oracle has released VirtualBox 6.1 Maintenance Release 2. Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.2 release includes improvements and regression fixes for Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1. READ MORE!

  • Cloud in 2020: The year of edge, automation and in...

    • 2:38 PM, Jan 14

    “It was a banner year for cloud computing in 2019. The area that gained the most ground was hybrid multicloud, which emerged as the favored strategy of enterprises looking for a flexible and efficient way to move their workloads to the cloud while reducing costs, boosting productivity and avoiding vendor lock-in. Those advantages are so

  • Review these 3 key cloud computing trends from 201...

    • 2:35 PM, Jan 14

    “While end-of-year recaps are plentiful this time of year, they can be helpful to reflect on what’s important and the key lessons learned — and that holds true for cloud administrators as well. Here’s a look back at three cloud computing trends that captured the attention of enterprise IT teams in 2019.” – read at

  • The thriving datacentre market

    • 3:00 PM, Jan 13

    “The last few years have seen much talk predicting the death of the datacentre; conversations driven largely by the continued adoption of the cloud. However, with the rocketing growth of data, driven by trends such as the IoT, the inevitable question arises — is the datacentre experiencing a renaissance as we move into a new

  • Introduction to Linux monitoring and alerting

    • 2:59 PM, Jan 13

    “Have you ever wanted to set up a process monitor that alerts you when it’s offline without spending thousands of budget dollars to do so? Every system administrator has, and here’s how to do it.” – says Ken Hess from Red Hat. READ MORE!


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