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    Exploration of securing Kubernetes environments

    Join our newest webinar as we bring together the expertise of Marcin Kubacki, Chief Software Architect at Storware, and Jarosław Biniek, Presales Engineer at SUSE, about the exploration of securing Kubernetes environments. 

    In this illuminating webinar, you will:  

    • Understand the intricate details of Kubernetes security, unraveling the complexities introduced by dynamic environments.  
    • Gain valuable insights into maintaining visibility within Kubernetes networks, ensuring you stay ahead of potential threats.  
    • Learn proven strategies to prevent application-level attacks, bolstering the security of your containerized environments.  
    • Stay up-to-date with security policy updates and discover strategies to adapt to the continuous changes inherent in Kubernetes environments.  
    • Acquire practical tips and solutions for enhancing the security of your Kubernetes deployments.  

    Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to deepen your understanding of Kubernetes security. Secure your spot now by registering for the webinar!


    Jarosław Biniek

    Presales Engineer at SUSE

    Marcin Kubacki

    Chief Software Architect