OpenShift Virtualization

OpenShift Virtualization (based on upstream KubeVirt CNCF project) has been introduced recently as a feature of OpenShift which implements the deployment…

01:43 PM, Dec 15

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What administrators should know about OpenShift?

OpenShift Container Platform is a platform for developing and running containerized applications. It is designed to allow applications and the data…

10:39 AM, May 06

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Docker is no more… 

… anyway in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. And while the title may look a bit provoking – it really…

08:16 AM, Feb 20

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RHEL 8 for data centers and cloud environments. What you should know.

In the next part of this article, we will go mostly through the better handling of software packages and more…

02:09 PM, Dec 04

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Web-based management interface, sessions recording. RHEL 8 part III

In the third part of this article, we will go through further improvements of the RHEL8 system, like: more…

10:15 AM, Oct 24

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