OpenVirtualization.Pro Meetup Online #3 | Containerized World

On June 17 at 3 pm CEST, industry experts associated with the Open Virtualization Pro portal will deep dive into the world of containerization, automation and data protection to present you the latest trends of open-source world. You’ll have a possibility to learn about latest news in Red Hat OpenShift, you’ll be able to improve your knowledge of Ansible Automation and what’s more – we’ll show you the strategy of securing environments in Red Hat OpenShift.

Watch the video to see what we’re going to talk about!


Meetup will be hosted by Paweł Mączka – CTO, VP at Storware and the founder of the OpenVirtualization Portal. Our experts are Jarosław Stakuń – Principal Solution Architect, RHCA at Red Hat, Jacek Skorzynski – Principal Solutions Architect at Red Hat and Marcin Kubacki – Chief Software Architect at Storware.

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  • 15.00 – 15.10 | Introduction to OpenVirtualization.Pro Meetup #3 – Paweł Mączka, CTO, VP at Storware
  • 15.10 – 15.45 | The future of Red Hat OpenShift – Jarosław Stakuń – Principal Solution Architect at Red Hat
  • 15.55 – 16.30 | What’s new in Ansible Project and Ansible Automation Platform – Jacek Skorzynski – Principal Solutions Architect at Red Hat
  • 16:40 – 17.15 | Backup and Recovery for Red Hat OpenShift – Marcin Kubacki – Chief Software Architect at Storware
  • 17.25 – 18.00 | Open forum, discussion panel


11:51 AM, May 27


Portal Coordinator

Leszek Warzecha