The discovery stage of your cloud migration project

“Migration or digital transformation to the Cloud is at the forefront of every organisation’s plans- It’s no longer a case…

02:36 PM, Jul 29

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Q&A: Optimising analysis of user data

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is known to provide an array of benefits to businesses and sectors, from healthcare and financial services,…

02:35 PM, Jul 29

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Many workers ignore security risks to maximize productivity

“A large proportion of employees often take shortcuts to optimize productivity at work, despite understanding the security risks, new…

01:32 PM, Jul 28

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Data breaches are costing businesses more than ever

“Data breach incidents hit unprecedented levels over the last year as businesses were forced to rapidly transition to a…

01:31 PM, Jul 28

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Web applications have become a security liability

“Web apps are at the heart of many serious security incidents. Although fundamental to the workings of many businesses, web…

02:14 PM, Jul 27

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The future of data science and risk management

“Data science has been vital in enhancing risk management operations in recent times. With cyber attacks, including phishing and ransomware, on the…

02:12 PM, Jul 27

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One company’s virtual reality approach could end the debate over working from home vs. at the office

“The key to success with the new hybrid work plans is experimenting, according to HR experts. Managers should…

02:34 PM, Jul 26

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Cyber Security: The Operational Illusion

“Looking back at what happened at ground level throughout the COVID crisis, it is clear that the focus has been entirely…

02:33 PM, Jul 26

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