Meet Our Experts

We believe that through the free sharing of expert knowledge, we are able to develop innovative solutions for the market. We educate and want to be educated. We share knowledge and want to learn more through interaction with the community.

We are a community of professionals focused on open source virtualization, data backup, and storage solutions. Expert knowledge and information about Virtualization (KVM, Ovirt, OpenStack), Automation (Ansible), Orchestration (Cloud Forms), Containerization (Kubernetes, OpenShift), Storage (Ceph, Gluster FS, QCOW2, LVM, NFS, RAW, local and network filesystems), Networking (OVN, Open DayLight (ODL)), SAP HANA, Data Protection (vProtect), Disaster Recovery (DRoVirt, native scripts, etc)

What are the benefits for experts?

  • Publication opportunity, promotion on the OVP portal and social-media, promoting the expert’s name
  • Increasing the credibility of experts by publishing their articles among the materials of other industry experts
  • The authors help to build a solid base for an attractive expert industry portal
  • Participation in building a community and an opportunity to perform at our Meet-ups (organized once a quarter in cooperation with Red Hat)