• Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager is announced!

    • 10:03 AM, Jun 5

    Oracle announced the general availability of a new server virtualization management platform – Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. “Based on the open source oVirt project, Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager allows enterprise customers to continue supporting their on-premises data center deployments with the KVM hypervisor already available on Oracle Linux 7.6 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5.”

  • OpenShift at NASA Case Study with Jeff Walter

    • 9:44 AM, May 23

    OpenShift at NASA Case Study with Jeff Walter at OpenShift Commons Gathering Red Hat Summit Boston 2019

  • Post-webinar video quality improved!

    • 2:21 PM, May 22

    Dear OpenVirtualizationPro Community! We have decided to improve the quality of post-webinar videos. We hope that this change will have a positive impact also on the reception of content that is super interesting and useful. So instead of capturing the screen, we propose you something like the video below. Let us know what you think

  • Storware vProtect 3.8 ‘Nebula’ RELEASE...

    • 10:24 AM, Apr 26

    vProtect 3.8 (Nebula) is a massive update! The latest release provides Amazon EC2 backup support with snapshot-management and file-level restore capabilities. “Codename: ‘Nebula’ (interstellar cloud) – the first release that introduces support for cloud platform – AWS EC2. Additionally, we added another cloud storage backup provider – Google Cloud Storage” – says Marcin Kubacki, CSA at

  • How to protect oVirt configuration using vProtect ...

    • 8:49 AM, Mar 11

    This is the first of vProtect 3.7 demo commentary on how to extend your backup infrastructure with custom scripts.   LEARN MORE   To drive a business based on VMs/containers requires modernized backup and snapshot management tool. It demands concrete features and simplicity. That’s what vProtect is made for. This series will cover the following areas

  • Meetup invitation: Introduction to Virtualization ...

    • 4:03 PM, Mar 6

    Dear Backup Community! If you want to start your adventure with oVirt – this meeting is for you! Saturday, 4 May 2019 – book this date. More details about the meeting will appear soon. Meetup details

  • Storware vProtect 3.7 Multiverse update 2 RELEASED...

    • 12:15 PM, Mar 1

    The latest version of vProtect 3.7 Multiverse –  modernized data protection platform for Open Virtual Machine environments – is now available. Update 2 focuses on OpenShift support and CloudForms and vProtect API integration update.   vProtect 3.7 update 2 READ MORE Here’s another set of improvements that comes after: – Extended snapshot management capabilities – Expanding

  • oVirt 4.3 update 1 RELEASED

    • 9:22 AM, Mar 1

    oVirt 4.3.1 is now available The changes and improvements introduced by the latest update mainly concern the stabilization of version 4.3 You can find more information on the oVirt project website READ MORE   What is oVirt project? oVirt is an open source alternative to VMware™ vSphere™, providing an awesome KVM management interface for multi-node

  • RHEL “boom” – Red Hat announced ...

    • 12:01 PM, Feb 27

    Boom facilitates booting from LVM snapshots for RHEL servers running directly on physical hardware. Although it was possible but difficult earlier, Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7.5 ease this process. If you’d like to get familiar with this method – here’s a short tutorial describing the proper implementation and usage of “boom”.   READ MORE

  • oVirt node 4.2 installation on bare metal

    • 8:57 AM, Feb 8

    Step by step tutorial on how to install oVirt node 4.2 on baremetal. If you’re planing to start your journey with this open source virtualization – this one is for you. This includes basic information, hardware requirements and of course basic configurations. How to install oVirt node 4.2 on baremetal


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