• Security threats have already moved on from COVID-...

    • 1:46 PM, Aug 24

    “Security threats in the second quarter of 2020 continue to target remote workers, but attackers aren’t relying on COVID-19-themed phishing: They’re going straight for vulnerable home networks where workers are conducting business.  “ – read more at TechRepublic!

  • COVID-19 impact on digital transformation, cloud a...

    • 1:44 PM, Aug 24

    “Half a year into the shutdown, companies are still playing catch up to optimize their remote work experience, according to Infoblox. Survey findings are based on 1,077 responses from the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Japan, Australia, and Singapore.” – read at Help Net Security!

  • Know the threats to mobile security

    • 1:16 PM, Aug 21

    “Where there’s money, there’s also an opportunity for fraudulent actors to leverage security flaws and weak entry-points to access sensitive, personal consumer information. This has caused a sizeable percentage of consumers to avoid adopting mobile banking completely and has become an issue for financial institutions who must figure out how to provide a full range

  • Phishing defense: Strategies to ensure your employ...

    • 1:14 PM, Aug 21

    “Phishing continues to be one of the most effective hacking techniques. Although the majority know what phishing is, it’s not always clear how to appropriately defend against it. ” – read more at TechGenix!

  • How to Protect Your Digital Identities from Phishi...

    • 2:34 PM, Aug 20

    “How can identity and access management help mitigate and prevent phishing attacks? How do phishing attacks normally work, and how can they damage your enterprise without identity and access management to protect you? ” – read at SolutionsReview!

  • How edge computing is intertwined with open source

    • 2:33 PM, Aug 20

    “It was only six years ago that Kubernetes was created, yet in those few years the technology has become the go-to standard for container orchestration and management systems, and its use is growing at an incredible rate globally. Kubernetes and cloud native technologies enable a broad array of applications because they serve as a reliable

  • How to make sure data that should be backed up get...

    • 1:17 PM, Aug 19

    “There is no sadder moment in the backup world than finding out the file or database you need to restore has never been backed up. Understanding how systems, directories, and databases are included in the backup system is the key to making sure this never happens to you. The first step toward this goal is

  • Is passwordless authentication for real?

    • 1:16 PM, Aug 19

    “Passwordless authentication arrived promising no more passwords, and who doesn’t want that? Passwordless authentication provides more ease of use in an era where we log in everywhere and where we are constantly asked to come up with unique codes that we forget, forcing us to hit the incredibly annoying Reset Password button. The fact that

  • Top 5 password hygiene security protocols companie...

    • 2:09 PM, Aug 18

    “Amid the coronavirus pandemic, access to systems in order to conduct business operations is critical for the majority of the workforce (56% according to globalworkplaceanalytics.com) that can do so remotely. I’m one of those workforce members, and it’s a huge source of relief for me to be able to conduct both my jobs (system administrator

  • Thousands of cyberattacks hitting UK firms every d...

    • 2:06 PM, Aug 18

    “Every day, small and medium-sized businesses in the UK get attacked by cybercriminals 65,000 times. This is according to a new report from global recruiter Robert Walters and data provider Vacancysoft entitled Cybersecurity: Building Business Resilience.” – read more at ITProPortal!


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