• How does open source thrive in a cloud world? R...

    • 1:18 PM, Aug 31

    “Back in 2013 Mike Olson made a bold claim: “No dominant platform-level software infrastructure has emerged in the last ten years in closed-source, proprietary form.” Olson is a smart guy, and he was nearly correct except for one small exception to his rule: Splunk. Splunk thrived in spite of its proprietary nature, and leading that

  • The increasing importance of data management

    • 1:17 PM, Aug 31

    “The planet’s population is at 7.8 billion and it keeps growing. More and more people work from home. Technologies like the Internet of Things, edge computing, and AI are being adopted at increasingly rapid rates. And demand for consumer endpoint devices is growing. All these factors result in the proliferation of enterprise data. In a

  • The global cost of cybercrime per minute to reach ...

    • 12:09 PM, Aug 28

    “Cybercrime costs organizations $24.7, YOY increase of more than $2 every minute, a RiskIQ report reveals. It will also have a per-minute global cost of $11.4 million by 2021, a 100% increase over 2015.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • How the pandemic and remote work initiatives force...

    • 12:08 PM, Aug 28

    “One of the many company vulnerabilities the coronavirus pandemic imposed on the enterprise is the dearth of skilled IT professionals. While the job market in general suffered a tremendous loss due to COVID-19, the need for IT pros has not waxed or waned. Because the remote work spurred by the crisis altered budgets, companies realize

  • Five DevOps lessons: Kubernetes to scale secure ac...

    • 3:04 PM, Aug 27

    “The rise of Kubernetes from an overly complicated open source project into the industry standard for next-generation applications is nothing short of astonishing. Last year, as it became clear that Kubernetes would become the cloud-native and large enterprise workload orchestrator of choice, Sera4 chose it to expand its secure access and control services and solutions

  • 52% of US developers are happier now than before t...

    • 3:03 PM, Aug 27

    “Many developers are happier and more productive now than before the COVID-19 lockdowns started, according to a new survey from Harness. The study of 500 developers in the US found that 52% of developers are actually happier in their roles since the coronavirus pandemic began, and 13% are less happy at work. Millennials were the

  • A 2020 approach to security: People matter

    • 2:45 PM, Aug 26

    “The information security industry frequently utilizes the phrase “people, processes and technology” (PPT) to describe a holistic model of securing the business. But though this phrase is repeated ad nauseum, we seem to have forgotten one of those three primary pillars: people.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • What a year of penetration testing data can reveal...

    • 2:44 PM, Aug 26

    “SecOps firm Rapid7 has released its annual look at the state of the penetration testing industry, with findings including a significant spike in the number of vulnerable VPN connections, widespread lack of multifactor authentication, and a high volume of poorly configured internal networks making it easier for attackers to move laterally once inside. ” –

  • ERP security: Dispelling common misconceptions

    • 2:20 PM, Aug 25

    “The various applications integrated in ERP systems collect, store, manage, and interpret sensitive data from the many business activities, which allows organizations to improve their efficiency in the long run. Needless to say, the security of such a crucial system and all the data it stores should be paramount for every organization.” – read more

  • Extra security or extra risk? Pros and cons of pas...

    • 2:18 PM, Aug 25

    “Too short, too complex, too frequently used, too many to remember: There are any number of problems with passwords. Stanford University now uses digital keys instead of log-in/passwords for students, staff, and professors to access university networks. IT teams are considering password-less solutions to reduce the burden of managing access and identity. ” – read


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