• What is phishing and how dangerous is it?

    • 1:36 PM, Jul 20

    “Phishing is the act of placing a piece of bait in front of an unsuspecting computer user and hoping that they will bite – it’s been the bane of antivirus companies for a long time now.” – read more TechRadar!

  • People work more while at home, but worry about da...

    • 1:35 PM, Jul 20

    “A global research report by Lenovo highlights the triumphs, challenges and the consequences of the sudden shift to work-from-home (WFH) during the COVID-19 pandemic and how companies and their IT departments can power the new era of working remotely that will follow.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • Cybercriminals disguising as top streaming service...

    • 2:10 PM, Jul 17

    “Kaspersky’s latest research identifies the top streaming services cybercriminals most use to disguise malicious files and lure vulnerable users. The report, released on Thursday, also found the specific shows on each platform that cybercriminals used to fool victims.” – read at TechRepublic!

  • Steps to take when moving sensitive data to the cl...

    • 2:07 PM, Jul 17

    “Public cloud services have now firmly established themselves as efficient, effective and affordable solutions for organisations of all kinds. This is mirrored in recent adoption rates; this year, Gartner expects the public cloud market to grow by 17% to be worth a total $266.4 billion, with over two-fifths of SMEs favoring the public cloud and

  • How secure is your web browser?

    • 2:25 PM, Jul 16

    “NSS Labs released the results of its web browser security test after testing Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, for phishing protection and malware protection. Key takeaways Phishing protection rates ranged from 79.2% to 95.5% For malware, the highest block rate was 98.5% and the lowest block rate was 5.6% Protection improved over

  • Cybercriminals using commercial ‘crypterR...

    • 2:22 PM, Jul 16

    “A known cybercriminal group has altered its tactics to target cloud storage services and better avoid detection, according to research from security firm Sophos. Known as RATicate, the cybercriminal syndicate has ditched custom NSIS installers for an installation builder called CloudEyE, which it used to build Guloader – a new Visual Basic 6-based installer.” –

  • Hybrid cloud migration yielding near immediate ROI

    • 1:09 PM, Jul 15

    “Businesses that embark on hybrid cloud migration projects can achieve an ROI of up to 145 percent within the first three years, according to new research. The report, published by Virtana, states that for projects completed in the last three years, a composite organisation achieved benefits of $2 million.” – read more at ITProPortal!

  • 2020: The year of increased attack sophistication

    • 1:08 PM, Jul 15

    “There was an increase in both cyberattack volume and breaches during the past 12 months in the U.S. This has prompted increased investment in cyber defense, with U.S. businesses already using an average of more than nine different cybersecurity tools, a VMware survey found.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • Remote working security challenges urge MFA implem...

    • 1:34 PM, Jul 14

    “The past few years have seen an increase in employees using personal devices and systems to access work emails and company databases, and exchange valuable information with colleagues, clients, and vendors. These tools can help people complete their jobs but are fraught with security challenges.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • How to stay cyber secure during the lockdown and b...

    • 1:33 PM, Jul 14

    “Lockdown has encouraged all businesses to implement and pivot fast, moving at an incredibly quick pace to maintain a healthy workforce and create a working environment that encourages productivity. From adopting virtual meeting tools such as video conferencing to saving documents to the cloud, the focus has been on getting the day-to-day business up and


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