• Ransomware attacks by industry, continent, and mor...

    • 1:25 PM, Oct 13

    “Cyberattacks have surged during the coronavirus pandemic. This infographic details ransomware attack trends by industry, continent, and more. ” – check it our on TechRepublic!

  • Cybercriminals are impersonating parents for ranso...

    • 1:24 PM, Oct 13

    “The transition to distance learning has been hard enough for teachers around the world but now researchers at Proofpoint have observed a new targeted campaign that attempts to infect their computers with ransomware. The campaign uses messages where the attacker poses as a parent or guardian submitting an online assignment on behalf of a student

  • Cybercrime is now a global worry

    • 1:44 PM, Oct 12

    “Cybercrime is now the number one global concern, according to a new report from Lloyd’s Register Foundation. The World Risk Poll report, based on a survey of 150,000 people from 142 different countries, states that “almost everyone” who uses the internet fears some aspect of cybersecurity. Online fraud, whose victims are deceived into giving away

  • Three common mistakes in ransomware security plann...

    • 1:42 PM, Oct 12

    “As the frequency and intensity of ransomware attacks increase, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: organizations can do more to protect themselves. Unfortunately, most organizations are dropping the ball. Most victims receive adequate warning of potential vulnerabilities yet are woefully unprepared to recover when they are hit.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • Cybersecurity practices are becoming more formal, ...

    • 2:00 PM, Oct 6

    “Organizations are building confidence that their cybersecurity practices are headed in the right direction, aided by advanced technologies, more detailed processes, comprehensive education and specialized skills, a research from CompTIA finds.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • Ransomware attacks go through the roof

    • 1:55 PM, Oct 6

    “The daily volume of ransomware attacks worldwide has jumped by 50% in the past three months compared to the first half of 2020, and as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, attacks against healthcare targets have doubled, according to Check Point cyber security researchers.” – read more at ComputerWeekly!

  • What is a data breach?

    • 1:12 PM, Oct 5

    “The year 2020 has, quite possibly, been one of the craziest and most terrifying to date. We started with the devastating Australian bushfires, then moved onto murder wasps, COVID-19, a plague of locusts…the list goes on! What more could this year possibly throw at us? The answer? A data breach.” – read at TechRadar!

  • Why developing cybersecurity education is key for ...

    • 1:10 PM, Oct 5

    “Cybersecurity threats are growing every day, be they are aimed at consumers, businesses or governments. The pandemic has shown us just how critical cybersecurity is to the successful operation of our respective economies and our individual lifestyles.” – read more at Help Net Security!

  • How to combat cyber-attackers

    • 2:29 PM, Oct 2

    “Recent news headlines suggest that we’re currently living through a cybersecurity maelstrom. Private and public organizations both large and small are being hacked almost every week. Just this month, Norway’s parliament suffered a cyber-attack which impacted both government ministers and opposition leaders, showing just how easily hackers can target those in positions of influence. Other

  • Companies that facilitate ransomware payments risk...

    • 2:28 PM, Oct 2

    “Companies that ransomware-hit US organizations hire to facilitate the paying of the ransom are at risk of breaking US sanctions, falling afoul of the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations and may end up paying millions in fines.” – read at Help Net Security!


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