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    Arkadiusz Galarowicz

    Technical Support Engineer at Veracomp, responsible for the Red Hat brand. He has 10 years of experience in the IT industry, from the beginning he has been associated with Linux-based products.

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  • OCI – what is that? 0

    You know the TCP / IP protocol, right? So you would like to know OCI. Trust me, you do want to. “What the hell is this guy talking about ?! Everyone knows that TCP / IP means the internet, and now someone wants to say that something is as important as the internet? No, I

  • Docker is no more…  5

    … anyway in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. And while the title may look a bit provoking – it really is the case. But before you start swearing – please let me assure you that Red Hat stays fully professional and focused on consumers satisfaction. So…? You guessed it, there is something much, much better.


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