How to backup and restore KVM VMs with vProtect | Storware Academy #2

  • 8:30 AM, Jul 31

Watch the brand new episode of the Storware Academy: How to backup and restore KVM VMs with vProtect

Learn how to add a new hypervisor to your vProtect and what to do next:

  • How to launch a simple backup task and what backup destinations vProtect supports.
  • How to configure the backup policy and schedule for backup tasks.
  • How to restore your backups.

Storware vProtect provides a crash-consistent backup of VMs running in KVM environments. With an easy management interface, you are able to quickly set up protection and store backups in several different backup providers.

  • Full backup of QCOW2 or LVM-based VMs
  • VM disk exclusion
  • File-level restore with mountable backups


Learn more and see the first episode on: How to backup oVirt/Red Hat Virtualization RHV environments with vProtect


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