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  • Most firms believe remote working is here to stay

    • 3:03 PM, Mar 2

    “There may be conflicting opinions about remote working, but there appears to be a consensus on one point: it’s not going anywhere. According to a new report from employee experience management firm Qualtrics, most UK businesses will have a significant portion of their staff working remotely on an indefinite basis.” – read more at ITProPortal!

  • What does the future hold for cloud and edge compu...

    • 3:02 PM, Mar 2

    “Advanced functionality and increased capacity have become synonymous with cloud computing. Everything from enterprise IT to mainstream consumer tech has become reliant on cloud infrastructure to operate optimally. Looking ahead, it is even playing an integral role in supporting emerging technical concepts like AI, augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things and quantum computing

  • Red Hat OpenShift 4.7 Is Now Available

    • 2:54 PM, Mar 1

    Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat OpenShift 4.7. “Based on Kubernetes 1.20 (and CRI-O 1.20), OpenShift 4.7 has made progress on a few new features and functionality across our supported infrastructures, core platform, and workloads, while making stability a major theme for this release. We made a number of changes across the